Vote for B.D.H.S and Target PAYS!

Target jpgTarget’s popular one-of-a-kind giving program is back for a second year. Target is inviting guests to help allocate $5 million to schools across the U.S. to help them get more of the things they need, like electronics, school and office supplies, and storage and organization products.

Beginning Aug. 14, simply click here to vote for B.D.H.S.once per week. Once a school has received 25 votes, Target will donate $1 per vote, with a maximum donation of $10,000 per school. The campaign runs through Sept. 21, or until the full $5 million has been allocated, so don’t forget to vote each week and share the news with friends, family, teachers and other community members. For best performance, use a mobile device or a Google Chrome web browser to access the app.

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