Students Join Diocesan Youth Board

Diocesan Youth Board
Zoey Gast, Kaitlyn Harris and Victoria Potts
Three Donahue students are putting their faith into action by joining the Diocesan Youth Board. The Board consists of High School Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are responsible and dedicated to the church.  The primary responsibility of each member is to assist with diocesan events, such as our Senior High Conference and Confirmation/Middle School Rallies.
There is a significant time commitment required to serve on the Diocesan Youth Board. Youth Board members must spend one week-end per month for six consecutive months beginning in September for Youth Board meetings, the Senior High Conference, and Confirmation Retreats. These events take place at various locations all over the state of West Virginia.
Our congratulations and thanks are extended to Zoey, Kait, and Victoria.
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