Student assist Kindergarten class in Pilots and Co-Pilots Program

DSCF9100B.D.H.S. students are participating in the Pilots and Co-Pilots program hosted by Center McMechen grade school. On the last Monday of every month, Donahue students go to Center McMechen to read a fiction or nonfiction story to the kindergarteners. Each Donahue student becomes a group leader while reading the story, asking questions, and becoming a mentor to the children. The program will continue through the rest of the school year, ending with a pinning ceremony in May, where the Donahue students will pin pilot wings onto each child.

B.D. students participating in the program include: Taylor Koontz, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Hanna Little, Adrian Whorton, Abbey Mele, Taylor Straughn, Logan Ingram, Jennifer Richmond, Robert Chesonis, and Brek Dimmick.

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