POLAND PERSONALLY: A Study Seminar to Poland


Z. Gast, Mrs. Granato, I. Reilly, S. Gretchen and T. Snyder

During the summer of 2016, from June 26 – July 4, 4 BDHS students and one teacher are traveling to Poland with Classrooms Without Borders.  Juniors, Zoey Gast and Trent Snyder will travel with Sophomores Sophia Gretchen and Isabel Reilly, along with BDHS Freshman & Sophomore Religion Teacher and Guidance Counselor, Amy Granato. 

These five have outlasted an application and interview process in order to be included in the trip.  Before the actual travel next summer, they will take part in 4 pre-departure workshops focusing on relevant topics designed to give them knowledge that will create context for the study seminar.  Upon return from Poland, they will be expected to meet 2 more times for further reflection on their experiences and to design instructional materials that will be used to share their experience with others.

From the Classrooms Without Borders web-site (www.classroomswithoutborders.com):


“Comparing Poland yesterday and today based on daily themes such as a thousand years of Jewish life in Poland; dilemmas surrounding life and death and bearing witness; and personal reflection and soul searching are just a few ways teachers (*and students) will focus on the history of the Holocaust.   Accompanied by a Holocaust survivor, teachers (*and students) will view Poland, its people, its government and socioeconomics in unique ways that will increase their understanding of the value of diversity and the results of prejudice.  This experience is powerful and life-changing.  It offers a distinctive view of the history of Poland, its current position in global relationships and how genocide remains a reality today in third world countries.”

BDHS travelers on 2016’s Poland Personally study seminar all feel fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity to learn, be challenged, grow, and share.  It is sure to be a powerful, life-altering  adventure.   BDHS travelers also wish to thank The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Temple Shalom in Wheeling, and CWB-Wheeling  for this amazing opportunity.

For more information about Classrooms Without Borders, please contact the web-site. 

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