How Our Bishops Spent the Summer

Summer for a typical American teen-ager is all about sleeping in, part-time jobs, conditioning for next year’s sports schedule, college visits, vacations, racking up some service hours, fairs and festivals, concerts, summer reading assignments, and the list goes on and on.  Our Bishop Donahue students are no different than the typical American teen. However, a few of our students chose some activities not only to enrich their own lives, but also to bring back what they experienced to our entire school community.  Here are just a few examples:

mady1MADYSON KELLER (Class of 2017) — Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY).  Some thoughts from Mady:

HOBY is a life-changing seminar that sophomores across the country have the chance to experience.  The WV HOBY was held at Marshall University in June this year.  It was a 4 day event jam-packed with many different local and national speakers.  HOBY Ambassadors were given the opportunity to interact with these speakers in a variety of ways.  Very few boundaries were placed on these conversations.  In other words, we were even allowed to argue with the guest speakers!  Ambassadors worked with each other to create ways to help out  their communities.  All activities were geared toward improving leadership skills and showing ambassadors how much they can impact the world with their leadership skills.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to HOBY at first, but I will never regret my decision to go.  I was able to connect with so many people that I would have never met otherwise.  HOBY has turned into so much more than a leadership seminar for me.  It has become a family and a lifestyle.  Through HOBY, I found the  true leader in myself.

At the conclusion of our seminar, we were given instructions of how we could continue to be part of the conference.  I am on a journey to return next year as a member of the 2016 HOBY seminar staff.  In July I attended my first of many HOBY alumni events to be held throughout the year and I plan to stay connected to my HOBY family.  I whole-heartedly recommend taking the opportunity to go to the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference.

IMG_1322HOPE RUZA and TRENT SNYDER (Class of 2017) — Ohio University Eastern Summer Scholars Program (Area High School students can earn college credit for no tuition fee in the summer)  Hope’s summary:

We attended Tuesdays and Thursdays from June to August.  We took a 3 credit hour history course based on America 1750 through the present.  This course was a good learning experience to see what a college course is like.  The goal was to get an early start on our college career.


IMG_0170SOMMER SOUTH (Class of 2016) — Rhododendron Girls State (held in June on the Campus of Wheeling Jesuit University)  Sommer’s reflections on Girls State:

As I first arrived at Rhododendron Girls State, I didn’t have a very good attitude about it.  I thought it was going to be really boring and that I wasn’t going to have fun all.  After a few days though, it turns out that I was actually having a good time with all the new people I met there.  My roommate and I became very good friends, and I still keep in touch with her today.  I would really recommend going to Rhododendron Girls State because it was really fun, and it was important to learn about my state’s government.

***BDHS would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Marshall County American Legion Auxiliary members who work so hard to send our Junior girls to Girls State every year.  Thank You

IMG_1241 - Copy - CopyDAVID COLEMAN (Class of 2016) — Mountaineer Boys State (held in June at WVU Jackson’s Mill, Weston, WV)  A few of David’s cherished memories:

The American Flag must be treated with pride and dignity at all times.  At Boys State we were taught that flags that have served their country in upholding what we as a nation stand for must be respectfully retired once they are no longer presentable.  This is done through a burning ceremony.  The burning ceremony was such a powerful moment and really showed what our country is all about.

I met Senator Joe Manchin.  Took a quick picture so it didn’t turn out great, but I will always love this picture for sentimental reasons.

***BDHS would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Marshall County American Legion Posts who work so hard to send our Junior boys to Boys State every year.  Thank You.


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