Freshman Shae Reinbeau Creates Book for Children

 Shae Reinbeau  No Munchies, No Junkies

In August 2013, B.D.H.S. freshman Shae Reinbeau competed in the Miss Northern West Virginia Scholarship Pageant and was named Miss Wheeling’s Outstanding Teen.  This title gives Shae the opportunity to go to schools,  4-H clubs and many other organizations  to talk about her platform: Health and Exercise for Children and Teens!  She focuses on helping  children and teen who need support in exercise or health.

Shae recently wrote a book, “No Munchies, No Junkies”.  The story is about a little boy, Demarcus, who is overweight at a young age and starts to develop health issues.  Demarcus becomes ill and ends up in the hospital.  Using the information about health and nutrition from the book, he gets  back on track and is living a healthy lifestyle. 

“No Munchies, No Junkies”, is targeted at small children and helps them understand the importance health and exercise. For teens, Shae created a PowerPoint presentation that gives more in depth information regarding health and exercise. Shae’s book and PowerPoint also include handouts about the food pyramid, exercise sheets, and a coloring sheet of Demarcus for the children. She has included games to play to get them moving  and having fun.  Shae recently spoke at Our Lady of Peace and to the children at the Honey Pot Day Care Center.  She plans on speaking at her Teen Leaders club, and to the Sherrard Road Runners club in the future. Shae’s goal is to educate children and teens to the value of health and fitness and the importance it plays in their lives.

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