Culinary Arts Cooks and Serves for THINK PINK Luncheon

IMG_4566For the sixth consecutive  year, the Culinary Arts class at B.D.H.S. lent their cooking expertise to prepare the signature entree for the annual Think Pink luncheon and silent auction.  The luncheon, held on Oct. 21, was originally the idea of Jane Altmeyer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer herself and fought a courageous battle for several years until she died.  B.D. graduate Gigi Mercer(`74), has been involved with luncheon for years as a member of Janie’s Crew. Gigi noted that the event has grown over the past 13 years and would not be as successful without Miss Mary Beth Ray and the wonderful students of Bishop Donahue High School. “They make it very special. I am so proud of them and Donahue. We made 13,000 dollars last year, and probably more this year, all helping women in need.  I know Janie would love the fact that the students are involved. They have mastered a very difficult recipe, and maybe they will keep the recipe alive and serve it to their families. I know Janie is smiling down at them from above and very proud of them!”  

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