A Call to Prayer with the Bishop Donahue Family

alleluia-easter-draped-crosWe are quickly approaching the Easter Triduum, the most important time of the Liturgical year, marking the days of Jesus’ passion and resurrection.  As a school family that holds Christ at the center of all our activities,  we are inviting our students to join collectively in attending mass on Holy Thursday and services including veneration of the Cross on Good Friday.  If your family tradition includes participation at Church on these days, by all means, continue with your traditions.  However, if you wish to join us to worship as members of the Bishop Donahue family, please join  Mr. Wise at Our Lady of Peace in Mt. Olivet for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7pm on Holy Thursday.  On Friday, Mrs. Granato will join Mr. Wise at St. James Church in McMechen for Good Friday services at 6 pm.  We ask those students who would like to join us to be at the church fifteen minutes before the services begin.  We look forward to celebrating together as a school community and we wish all our families and friends a blessed Easter!

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