BISHOPS 4 Life SHARE Cupcakes for Life

IMG_1118-001On October 7th and 8th members of the BISHOPS 4 Life group from Bishop Donahue visited  students at Our Lady of Peace School and All Saints Catholic School to proclaim a Pro-Life message.  Cupcakes for Life ( is an activity of the Pro-Life movement that BISHOPS 4 Life adjusted to fit the needs of our local Catholic elementary schools.  During each classroom visit, the B.D. students shared  a sticker with a positive Pro-Life message that the younger students could wear, a Pro-Life prayer and of course, a cupcake!  October is Respect Life Month in the Catholic church and this was an attempt at  helping plant the seeds of recognizing the sacredness of all human life to the younger students.  It was a positive, fun, tasty visit to each school.  BISHOPS 4 Life wish to thank Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Blackmore, principals at each school for the hospitality!

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