BABY SHOWER for BDHS Spiritually Adopted Babies

On Sunday, May7, 2017 about 25 BDHS students, alum, siblings, parents, grandparents, and teachers came together for some fun, food, and silliness for a very good reason. 

In September 2016,over 50 Bishop Donahue students and faculty “spiritually adopted” babies.  That means that we have spent 9 months praying for a baby who was conceived around that time.  We prayed that the baby make it to full term and be born healthy.  Only God knows which unborn babies each of us prayed for over these past months.  Each of us named our “spiritually adopted” babies to help make her/him more personal to each of us.

The babies came due during the month of May, so we celebrated them by throwing a Baby Shower!  We played silly games, ate lots of treats, and won tons of goofy prizes.  Everybody brought gifts for the “babies”.  About 10 packs of diapers, dozens of baby wipes, a gift bag full of onesies, along with plenty of binkies, bibs, booties, and bottles will be donated to the local Gabriel Project of WV.  GPWV is committed to making a difference in the lives of mothers and their babies by providing not only the tangibles of life with a new baby like various baby items, but also supports families in times of despair with compassionate listening, understanding, and prayer. 

Everyone at the Baby Shower laughed a whole bunch, but more importantly we spent 9 months praying for the lives of babies and donate much needed baby items to babies who really need them, and to offer support to the families who chose to keep their babies.


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out and added to the joy and celebration of the day.

For more on the Gabriel Project

For more on Spiritual Adoption www.spiritual

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