B.D.H.S. Athletic Hall of Fame

The Bishop Donahue Athletic Hall of Fame was created in 2002 with its purpose to recognize and honor, players, coaches, teams, and supporters who have made exemplary contributions to the athletic departments here at Donahue.

From 2002 – 2006, 12 very deserving members of the school community were enshrined into the Athletic Hall of Fame, which can be seen, above the concession stand, in the Father Raymond Jablinske Memorial Gymnasium.

In 2017, after a ten-year hiatus, Bishop Donahue High School is proud to once again induct outstanding athletes, coaches, supporters, and teams into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Over the course of the past fifteen months, a committee was formed, consisting of seven Athletic Board members, to create criteria, classification, and eligibility guidelines to revitalize the Bishop Donahue Hall of Fame. Time, concern, and consideration went into creating the Eligibility, Nomination Process, Selection Process, Announcement, and Induction into the Hall.

The Selection Meeting was held at the high school on Wednesday, August 17th where the current members of the Athletic Board assembled to select a maximum of  five new members into the Class of 2016.

With this year being the return year of annually electing members to the Hall, a proposal was made, voted on, and unanimously agreed to inaugurate an additional two very deserving, posthumous members to the Class of 2016.

The 2017 Inductees to the Bishop Donahue Hall of Fame are:

  • From the Class of 1959, the late Father Raymond Jablinske, for whom our gym is named.
  •  Long-time supporter, manager, and beloved friend to literally thousands, Tommy “Dino” Smith,  for whom the basketball court is named.
  •  From the Class of 1972: Tim Popicg
  •  From the Class of 1978: Gary Fonner
  •  From the Class of 1980: Steve Mele
  •  From the Class of 1986: Shawn Straughn
  •  From the Class of 1989: Tony Reilly

Previous members include:

2006….Rick Blake and Dave Cisar

2005….Jim Welsh

2004……Tom Tribett and Brother Dan O’Riordan

2003….George Bilich and Dave Kady

2002…..Dickie Kerwood, John Flading, Kelly Swierkos, Tom Giovengo, and Herman Conti

Hall of Fame Bylaws