Aquinas and St. Sebastian Award Winners Named

St. Sebastian Male Winner……. Taylor Straughn

Aquinas Medal Winner… Madyson Keller St. Sebastian Female Winner……. Jewel Purpura

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston has announced the winners of the Aquinas Medal and the St. Sebastian Medal.  Sponsored by the West Virginia Knights of Columbus, the Aquinas Medal is the highest award a student can receive from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Through the Aquinas award, the diocese recognizes one student from each school for their outstanding qualities of faithful discipleship, academic excellence, leadership, and service to their school, parish, and community. The award reflects the ideals of Catholic education epitomized by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic patron saint of students.  This year a new award has been added.  One young man and one young woman from each high school will receive the St. Sebastian Medal for being a high-achieving student athlete and exhibiting the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork, academics, and a high respect for school, classmates, teammates, opponents, parish, and the community.  Bishop Donahue is proud to announce that Madyson Keller is the recipient of the Aquinas Medal and that Jewel Purpura and Taylor Straughn are the winners of the St. Sebastian Medal.

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