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BD Culinary Arts Key Partner in THINK PINK Luncheon

img_4896On Thursday, Oct. 20th, BDHS Culinary Arts students and teacher, Ms. Mary Beth Ray, once again assisted with the annual Think Pink Breast Cancer Luncheon by making some of the gourmet lasagnas and serving the event.

The annual event, now in its 13th year, was held at the White Palace at Wheeling Park.

It was the brain child of Jane Altmeyer who was diagnosed with the cancer in 2003 and sadly succumbed o the disease in 2008.  This year, a record making $14,500 was raised!

BD Culinary Arts students truly enjoyed being part of the wonderful event!



1600 Cans Collected in Food Drive

img_2277Saturday, October 22, 2016 marked the 2nd Annual All School Canned Food Drive at Bishop Donahue High School.   35 students, teachers, and parents canvassed the neighborhoods of Benwood and McMechen to collect about 1600 cans and non-perishable food items.  

This project was operated in conjunction with Center McMechen Elementary, where a food pantry was established 2013 by a then 3 year old Noah Grigsby and his family.   Noah is now in 1st Grade and countless families have been fed through one little boy’s dream of making sure all of his friends have enough to eat. 

This is just one way in which the Bishops are living out the Marks of a Marist Student:  by being a spirit-filled members of family and community, of being  student leaders, and acting as agents of justice and service. 

Plans are already underway to join with All Saints Catholic School in April to do  the same sort of project in Moundsville and all the food will go to benefit Catholic Charities 18th Street Neighborhood Center in Wheeling.

Honor Roll Announced for 1st Quarter

aCongratulations to the students who have achieved 1st Quarter Honors through their hard work and dedication!

(Over 4.0) (4.0 to 3.7) (3.69 to 3.0)
Tessa Bauer Cassidy Campbell Josie Bonar
Zoey Gast Jennifer Little  Luke LeMasters 
Logan Ingram  Victoria Potts  Trey Miller 
Trent Kalcum-Snyder  Jewel Purpura  Harrison Nick 
 Madyson Keller  Megan Stout Edie Taylor 
Shae Reinbeau  Taylor Straughn  Chris Albert
Jennifer Richmond  Madelyn Adkins Kenzie Bauer
Hope Ruza  Robert Chesonis Caroline Brannan
Elizabeth Smith  Melissa O’Kelley Doug Clark
Lauren Bonar Isabel Reilly Riley DiLoretta 
Brek Dimmick  Matthew Fouty Kristen Filkins 
Alyssa Ehni Luke Steed  Patrick Malloy 
Jamie Emery Naila Thomsen  Caleb Smail 
Sophia Gretchen  Kassidy Blatt  Blaise Stewart 
Sarah Riedel  Kendra Dobbs  Tyler Swann 
Nathan Rush  Abbi Martin  Clinton Whitelatch 
Lillian West  Jacob Prager  Hailey Dobrzynski 
Madison Wiedebusch    Patricia Galiana-Mena 
 Ally Berletch   Shane Hercules 
Tiara Bertrand    Hayden Kaschke 
Danielle Ferrera    Vinny Mangino 
Sarah Heller    Emily Nelson 
Madison Menendez    Josie Purpura 
Caitlyn Robinson     Reilly Crow
Sydney Zimla    Brennen Daniels 
 Alice Jones   Jenna Howard 
    Justus Kirkland 
    Adam Miller 
    Mercedez Neuman 
    Addie Padlow 
    Christine Smith 

Bishops Partner with Center McMechen Elementary for Fall Food Drive

img_2237In preparation for Bishop Donahue’s 2nd Annual Canned Food Drive, 4th & 5th graders from Center McMechen School and Bishop Donahue students partnered up to drop off bags to fill with cans all over the porches in the town of McMechen.  This is a co-operative effort between both schools.

33 Bishop Donahue students mentored 60 grade schoolers (about 90 kids in all)  to accomplish the important task of delivering about 700 bags in less than 1 hour and fifteen minutes. 

The Canned Food Drive will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2016 beginning at 10 a.m.  All the food collected will go to the Center McMechen Food Pantry, which is housed at Center McMechen School.  The food will stay  in this community to help our neighbors and friends who need it the most. 

Students will also be delivering bags to the town of Benwood  after school  this week.  The citizens of Benwood are also asked to fill the bags with cans and place them on their porches to be picked up on October 22 as well.

In the spring, Bishop Donahue plans to join with All Saints Catholic School located in Moundsville to do the same sort of mentoring partnership with the students there.  Everything collected at that Canned Food Drive will benefit Catholic Charities 18th Street Neighborhood Center.

BD Hosts Shadow Day for OLP and All Saints 8th Graders

dscn2386Thanks to the 8th grade students from Our Lady of Peace and All Saints for a spectacular SHADOW DAY!  The students participated in classes both educational and fun with BD Freshmen and Sophomores.  Classes visited included Forensic Science’s fingerprint sessions, sampling Roman cuisine from the time of Constantine, and dissecting frogs in Anatomy.  Our goal was to fully immerse our guests in a typical Donahue day and be a member of our BD Family!  We look forward to meeting our 8th grade parents on Nov. 15 when Bishop Donahue hosts our Fall PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT for all prospective families.

BISHOPS 4 Life Visits OLP and All Saints

img_1537On October 3rd, members of BISHOPS 4 Life visited Our Lady of Peace and All Saints to proclaim a Pro-Life message.  Cupcakes for Life ( is an activity of the Pro-Life movement that BISHOPS 4 Life adjusted to fit the needs of our local Catholic elementary schools.  During each classroom visit, the B.D. students shared  a sticker with a positive Pro-Life message, said a Pro-Life prayer and of course, provided the cupcakes!  October is Respect Life Month in the Catholic church and our students are reaching out to our elementary schools to plant the seeds of recognizing the sacredness of all human life. Thank Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Blackmore for the hospitality!