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Bishops 4 LIFE T-shirt Sale and Future Activities

bishops-4-lifeBishops 4 Life, the 34 member strong Respect-Life group at Bishop Donahue held its first ever Design-a-T-Shirt contest in September.  Congratulations to Sophomores Caitlyn Robinson & Emily Nelson who won the contest and earned a $25 gift card for their creativity.

Order your custom t-shirt today and help Bishops 4 Life continue its work.  Future events include participating in the Life Chain in Bridgeport in October, Cupcakes for Life at OLP and ASCS in October, Spiritual Adoption culminating with a baby shower in May, a balloon Rosary in November, Washington DC March for Life in January, 40 Days for Life lunchtime prayer, and much more.  Thanks so much for your support and join us in prayer to be a BISHOP 4 LIFE!

S. Zimla and D. Clark Selected as Students of the Month

dscn2138Congratulations to Sydney Zimla and Doug Clark, our September 2016 Students of the Month. The Student of the Month program is generously sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Each month, two students are recognized for their outstanding academic performance, attitude, character, and service to the school or community.

2016-17 Scholarship Winners Announced

scholarships-1Bishop Donahue High School principal Tom Wise recently announced that over $72,000.00 in scholarships was awarded for the 2016-2017 school year.  Twenty-four  privately funded scholarships were awarded to 80 students.  The annual scholarship program is open to all Bishop Donahue students. Students wishing to apply for 2017-18 scholarships can complete an application at the conclusion of this school year.  The 2016-17 scholarship recipients are:

3 Angels Tennyball Scholarship:  Mercedes Neuman and Christine Smith.

Angel Fund Scholarship:  Alyson Young, Clinton Whitelatch, Lillian West, Madelyn Adkins, Dustin Beazel, and Logan Ruckh.

BDHS Alumni Association Scholarship: Patrick Malloy, Jacob Prager.

David Beabout Memorial Scholarship: Chris Albert and Mickey Reilly.

Class of 1959 Scholarship: Jewel Purpura.

Courtney & Danielle Block Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Little, Trent Snyder, Madison Wiedebusch, Reilly Crow, Christine Smith, Sydney Zimla, Jacob Beyser, Sarah Riedel, Caitlyn Robinson, Koltin Kleeh, Trey Miller, Elizabeth Smith, John Stocklask, Jamie Emery, and Hailey Dobrzynski.

Fr. Raymond Jablinske Memorial Scholarship:   Shae Reinbeau, Patrick Malloy, Nathan Rush,  Allyson Berletch, Madison Menendez, and  Kendra Dobbs.

Dave Kady Memorial Scholarship:  Jenna Howard.

Michael “Murph” Lake Memorial Scholarship: Adam Miller.

Lawrence and Ann Lander Memorial Scholarship: Kassidy Blatt

Scott Melko Memorial Scholarship:  Chris Barry, Josie Bonar, Luke LeMasters, Taylor Straughn, Lauren Bonar, and Danielle Ferrera.

Chuck Morningstar Memorial Scholarship:  Abbi Martin

Musilli Family Scholarship: Josie Purpura, Anthony Robbins, and Merrick Weltz.

Mickey Phipps Memorial Scholarship: Abbi Martin and Justus Kirkland.

Poe Family Scholarship: Chris Barry, Tessa Bauer, Cassidy Campbell, JC Custer, Zoey Gast, Junior Holmes, Koltin Kleeh, Victoria Potts, Jewel Purpura, Shae Reinbeau, Elizabeth Smith, John Stocklask, Kenzie Bauer, Dustin Beazel, Caroline Brannan, Olivia Carte, Robert Chesonis, Riley DiLoretta, Alyssa Ehni, Jamie Emery, Sophia Gretchen, Ulayna Hartley, Melanie Kwiatkoski, Patrick Malloy, Melissa O’Kelley, Isabel Reilly, Logan Ruckh, Blaise Stewart, Tyler Swann,  Logan Wells, Alyson Young, Tiara Bertrand, Anthony Robbins, Caitlyn Robinson, and Merrick Weltz.

Schmitt Family Scholarship:  Tiara Bertrand,  Matthew Fouty, Hayden Kaschke, Sarah Heller, Alice Jones, Justus Kirkland, and Adam Miller.

Tommy “Dino” Memorial Scholarship:  Vinny Mangino.

Jenny Sparachane Memorial Scholarship:  Brennen Daniels

Sandie Stenger Memorial Scholarship: Tessa Bauer,  Josie Bonar, Zoey Gast, Madyson Keller, Jewel Purpura, Jennifer Richmond,  John Stocklask, Megan Stout, Dustin Beazel, Caroline Brannan, Nathan Rush, Clinton Whitelatch, Emily Nelson, Ally Berletch, Danielle Ferrera, Vinny Mangino, Madison Menendez, Josie Purpura, Sydney Zimla, Kassidy Blatt, Reilly Crow, Kendra Dobbs, Alice Jones, and Jacob Prager.

Rhea Wanstreet Memorial Scholarship:  Adam Nelson and Josh Young.

Tom and Louise Wise Memorial Scholarship: Tiara Bertrand

Class of 1976 “We Believe in You” Scholarship: Lauren Bonar and Dustin Beazel.

Ed Bowman Scholarship:  Josh Young.

Chalky and Cora Bowman Scholarship:  Lauren Bonar.

Donors interested in supporting the scholarship program at Bishop Donahue High School should contact Donna Krupica in the Advancement Office at 304-233-3850.

Homecoming Court Selected for 2016

DSC_6280 (2)

L to R: Cassidy Campbell, Josie Bonar, Jennifer Richmond, Tessa Bauer, Megan Stout, Elizabeth Smith, and Jewel Purpura.

Congratulations to our 2016 Homecoming Court!   The Queen will be crowned at halftime during the Bishop Donahue vs. Valley-Wetzel football game on Friday, September 16, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at Monarch Stadium.