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4,000 Cans Collected in Student Body Food Drive

IMG_1448Saturday, October 24, 2015 marked the first EVER All School Canned Food Drive at Bishop Donahue High School.  Students, parents, and staff members canvassed the neighborhoods of Benwood and McMechen to collect approximately 4,000 cans and non-perishable food items.

This project was operated in conjunction with Center McMechen Elementary, where a food pantry was established 2013 by a then 3 year old Noah Grigsby and his family.   Noah is now in Kindergarten and countless families have been fed through one little boy’s dream of making sure all of his friends have enough to eat. 

On Tuesday, October 13th, 20 BDHS National Honor Society members partnered with the 4th and 5th graders of Center McMechen Elementary to distribute the bags for the Canned Food Drive.  Both schools also shared the duties of stapling the informational flyers describing the Canned Food Drive to the bags.  Hopefully this is a partnership  in service among the two schools that will last well into the future.

This is just one way in which the Bishops are living out the Marks of a Marist Student:  by being a spirit-filled members of family and community, of being  student leaders, and acting as agents of justice and service. 

Plans are already underway to join with All Saints Catholic School in April to do  the same sort of project in Moundsville and all the food will go to benefit Catholic Charities 18th Street Neighborhood Center in Wheeling.

Culinary Arts Cooks and Serves for THINK PINK Luncheon

IMG_4566For the sixth consecutive  year, the Culinary Arts class at B.D.H.S. lent their cooking expertise to prepare the signature entree for the annual Think Pink luncheon and silent auction.  The luncheon, held on Oct. 21, was originally the idea of Jane Altmeyer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer herself and fought a courageous battle for several years until she died.  B.D. graduate Gigi Mercer(`74), has been involved with luncheon for years as a member of Janie’s Crew. Gigi noted that the event has grown over the past 13 years and would not be as successful without Miss Mary Beth Ray and the wonderful students of Bishop Donahue High School. “They make it very special. I am so proud of them and Donahue. We made 13,000 dollars last year, and probably more this year, all helping women in need.  I know Janie would love the fact that the students are involved. They have mastered a very difficult recipe, and maybe they will keep the recipe alive and serve it to their families. I know Janie is smiling down at them from above and very proud of them!”  

OLP and All Saints SHADOW B.D. Students on Grade School Visitation Day

IMG_1763Elementary school students from Our Lady of Peace, and All Saints Catholic School participated in our annual SHADOW DAY on October 20th.  The seventh and eighth grade students attended classes with the B.D. student body and were immersed into a day that was both educational  and fun.  Special thanks to all made the day a success!

On Retreat With the NET Team

IMG_1288 IMG_1286

October 8th and 9th, 2015, was quality time for our students as they spent those days with the National Evangelization Team known as NET. Our freshmen and sophomore day,” Life to the Full,” and the junior and senior day, “Anchored in Hope,” were filled with personal witness to God’s love, Jesus as Friend and Savior, and the courage needed to stand for what we believe in our world today. The young people of NET shared their stories with words, skits, and music. The most moving part of the day was the prayer ministry where each of our students was prayed for by their team leader in solemn silence one on one. Thank you to the wonderful young men and women who travel across the country to minister to teens. We are blessed to be able to share in this experience. 

Bishops and Mustangs Join Together to Fight Hunger

IMG_1183In preparation for Bishop Donahue’s 1st EVER Canned Food Drive, 4th & 5th graders from Center McMechen School and Bishop Donahue’s NHS partnered up to drop off bags to fill with cans all over the porches in the town of McMechen.  This is a co-operative effort between both schools.

Each of 20 NHS (National Honor Society) students mentored 2 or 3 grade schoolers (about 60 kids in all)  to accomplish the important task of delivering about 700 bags in less than 1 hour and fifteen minutes.  WOW!!! Principal Wise also got in on the fun of traveling around McMechen delivering bags with a couple of the younger kids.

The Canned Food Drive will take place on Saturday, October 24, 2015 beginning at 10AM.  All the food collected will go to the Center McMechen Food Pantry, which is housed at Center McMechen School.  The food will stay  in this community to help our neighbors and friends who need it the most. 

Students will also be delivering bags to the town of Benwood within the next week.  The citizens of Benwood are also asked to fill the bags with cans and place them on their porches to be picked up on October 24 as well.

In the spring, Bishop Donahue plans to join with All Saints Catholic School located in Moundsville to do the same sort of mentoring partnership with the students there.  Everything collected at that Canned Food Drive will benefit Catholic Charities 18th Street Neighborhood Center.

BISHOPS 4 Life SHARE Cupcakes for Life

IMG_1118-001On October 7th and 8th members of the BISHOPS 4 Life group from Bishop Donahue visited  students at Our Lady of Peace School and All Saints Catholic School to proclaim a Pro-Life message.  Cupcakes for Life ( is an activity of the Pro-Life movement that BISHOPS 4 Life adjusted to fit the needs of our local Catholic elementary schools.  During each classroom visit, the B.D. students shared  a sticker with a positive Pro-Life message that the younger students could wear, a Pro-Life prayer and of course, a cupcake!  October is Respect Life Month in the Catholic church and this was an attempt at  helping plant the seeds of recognizing the sacredness of all human life to the younger students.  It was a positive, fun, tasty visit to each school.  BISHOPS 4 Life wish to thank Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Blackmore, principals at each school for the hospitality!

B.D. Pro-Life Club Participates in Life Chain

IMG_1393Fifteen students and three staff members proudly represented Bishop Donahue High School at the Life Chain silent demonstration to respect life. The event was held in Bridgeport, OH on Oct. 4, 2015. Participants gave witness to their belief in the sacredness of human life, from conception to a natural death.  Our representatives stood silently in Green and Gold for one hour to support the God-given right to respect and celebrate life for all those who do not have a voice.