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Biology Classes take Field Trip to Carnegie Science Center

bvcgfBDHS Biology students took an end-of-quarter trip to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh on October 14.  At the center, students participated in live inquiry based biology demonstrations including DNA extraction from pea plants, microscope investigations, and frog dissection and surgery.  Students were also able to explore heart rate and apply sports to science through SportsWorks exhibits.  They gave thought to the mysteries of the unseen world during an iMax movie presentation, and then had opportunity to interact with robotics.





Student assist Kindergarten class in Pilots and Co-Pilots Program

DSCF9100B.D.H.S. students are participating in the Pilots and Co-Pilots program hosted by Center McMechen grade school. On the last Monday of every month, Donahue students go to Center McMechen to read a fiction or nonfiction story to the kindergarteners. Each Donahue student becomes a group leader while reading the story, asking questions, and becoming a mentor to the children. The program will continue through the rest of the school year, ending with a pinning ceremony in May, where the Donahue students will pin pilot wings onto each child.

B.D. students participating in the program include: Taylor Koontz, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Hanna Little, Adrian Whorton, Abbey Mele, Taylor Straughn, Logan Ingram, Jennifer Richmond, Robert Chesonis, and Brek Dimmick.

Students Cook and Serve at THINK PINK Annual Luncheon


For the fifth consecutive  year, the Culinary Arts class at B.D.H.S. lent their cooking expertise to prepare the signature entree for the annual Think Pink luncheon and silent auction.  The luncheon, now in its 11th year, was held Oct. 16th at the White Palace of Wheeling Park.  Special thanks to Ms. Mary Beth Ray, B.D. Culinary Arts instructor and former B.D. graduate(`74), Gigi Mercer, who is actively involved with the luncheon.


Students Commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Left to right: Samantha Zimla, Adriana Theiss, Tessa Bauer, David Coleman, Kaitlyn Harris, Adrienne Rulong and Madyson Keller.  Absent from photo: Shae Reinbeau and Stephen Gretchen.
Fr. Bekeh, Pastor of St. James and St. John parishes, commissioned five new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at our weekly Mass on Oct. 17.  The newly commissioned ministers are: David Coleman, Samantha Zimla, Shae Reinbeau, Madyson Keller and Stephen Gretchen.  These students join Adrienne Rulong, Kaitlyn Harris, and Adriana Theiss, who have previously served as ministers.  


Students of the Month Selected for October

somoCongratulations to Isabel Reilly and  Logan Ingram,  our October Students of the Month. The Student of the Month program is generously sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.  Each month, two students are recognized for their outstanding academic performance, attitude, character, and service to the school or community.

Students Join Diocesan Youth Board

Diocesan Youth Board
Zoey Gast, Kaitlyn Harris and Victoria Potts
Three Donahue students are putting their faith into action by joining the Diocesan Youth Board. The Board consists of High School Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are responsible and dedicated to the church.  The primary responsibility of each member is to assist with diocesan events, such as our Senior High Conference and Confirmation/Middle School Rallies.
There is a significant time commitment required to serve on the Diocesan Youth Board. Youth Board members must spend one week-end per month for six consecutive months beginning in September for Youth Board meetings, the Senior High Conference, and Confirmation Retreats. These events take place at various locations all over the state of West Virginia.
Our congratulations and thanks are extended to Zoey, Kait, and Victoria.

Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients and THANK YOU to our Donors

Kacie Jo Brown, Jarrett Coffield, Andrew Cunningham, Kenadee Kleeh, Brett Moore, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Alex Riedel, Samantha Stewart, Adrian Whorton, Shelby Davis, Kaitlyn Harris, Alex Huff, Matthew Wesolowski, Tessa Bauer, Jacob Beyser, Zoey Gast, Junior Holmes, Logan Ingram, Madyson Keller, Trey Miller, Harrison Nick, Trent Snyder, John Stocklask, Megan Stout, Chris Albert, Kenzie Bauer, David Beabout, Dustin Beazel, Caroline Brannan, Cade Canestraro, Riley DiLoretta, Alyssa Ehni, Jamie Emery, Dalton Goddard, Ulayna Hartley, Graydon Hoffer, Cody Kimmel, Melanie Kwiatkoski, Sarah Riedel, Isabel Reilly, Nathan Rush, Blaise Stewart, Danielle Stout, Jacob Varner, Kylee Weekly, and Clinton Whitelatch.
Stephen Gretchen, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Matthew Wesolowski, Samantha Zimla, Chris Barry, Madyson Keller, John Stocklask, Chris Albert, Kenzie Bauer, Dustin Beazel, Olivia Carte, Robert Chesonis, Dalton Goddard, Patrick Malloy, Melissa O’Kelley, Elana Polinski, Tyler Swann, Clinton Whitelatch, Madison Wiedebusch, and Alyson Young.
Chris Albert, Dustin Beazel, Olivia Carte, Robert Chesonis, Elana Polinski, Tyler Swann, and Alyson Young.
Adriana Theiss, Coleton Berletch, Samantha Zimla, Shae Reinbeau, Patrick Malloy, and Nathan Rush.
Ekaterina Polinski, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Andrew Rush, Sommer South, Jennifer Little, Trent Snyder, Jacob Varner, and Madison Wiedebusch
David Coleman, Kyle Swann, Chris Barry, Zoey Gast, Koltin Kleeh, Luke LeMasters, Elizabeth Smith, John Stocklask, Chris Albert, David Beabout, Jamie Emery, and Melissa O’Kelley.
Brett Moore, Abbey Mele, Chris Barry, Josie Bonar, Luke LeMasters, and Taylor Straughn
Josh Miller, Cory Dobrzynski, Kyle Swann, and Clinton Whitelatch
Shelby Davis, Jacob Beyser, Cassidy Campbell, John Stocklask, Alyssa Ehni, Ulayna Hartley, Cody Kimmel, and Melanie Kwiatkoski
Shelby Davis and Graydon Hoffer.
Cade Canestraro and Victoria Potts
Sarah Riedel and Isabel Reilly
Jennifer Richmond and Melissa O’Kelley
Kenzie Bauer and Tyler Warble
Jewel Purpura

Students Participate in LIFE CHAIN Rally

IMG_0143.JPGFifteen  students and three staff members proudly represented Bishop Donahue High School  at the Life Chain silent demonstration to respect life.  The event was held in Bridgeport, OH on Oct. 5. Participants gave witness to their belief in the sacredness of human life, from conception to death.  Our representatives stood silently in Green and Gold for one hour to support the God given right to respect and celebrate life for all those who do not have a voice.