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REMEMBERING DINO: The Tommy “Dino” Smith Court and Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dino3 Dino10On March 25, 2013, Bishop Donahue High School lost its greatest fan. The passing of Tommy “Dino” Smith, a friend to all who knew him, brought tears to the Donahue family. While Dino is now with us only in spirit, Bishop Donahue High School will pay tribute to his memory by naming the gym floor, the Tommy “Dino” Smith Court. New signs will be painted on the court to remember Dino in the Fall of 2013, as the Bishops prepare for their first season without him in over 35 years.
Bishop Donahue is also seeking to remember Dino by creating a lasting memorial , a scholarship fund in his name We are currently seeking donations to finance the scholarship for the 2013-14 school year. The scholarship will be funded year by year through resources contributed by those who knew and loved Dino. To help kickoff the fund, Undo’s in Benwood has graciously agreed to host an annual Dino Smith Night, with all proceeds benefitting the scholarship fund. The first Dino Smith Night will be held August 28, 2013 at Undo’s from 4 to 9 pm. Our goal is to keep Dino’s memory alive so future students may gain as much from his legacy as those who knew him benefitted from his friendship. To achieve our goal we need your help and support. What greater way to remember Dino than to help the students of Bishop Donahue that he dearly loved. 

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Please send your donation to:

Bishop Donahue High School
c/o The Dino Smith Scholarship Fund
325 Logan Street
McMechen, WV 26040
*Use the B.D.H.S. Pay Pal page to make your donation by credit card




Two brief testimonials paying tribute to our friend….

There are few people in this world who are loved and respected by all who knew them. Dino was one of those very few. For those of us who have spent many years at B.D.H.S., Dino was the always reliable, ever present source of what is right about our school, our town, our world. To meet him for the first time or the ten thousandth time, it mattered little. You got the same big gap-toothed smile, the same laugh, the same great attitude.
Dino For 35 years or so, Dino was the manager of our basketball team and did the same for many years for our football team. I was lucky enough to spend 29 of those years with Dino sitting nearby on our bench. From the time I was the age of our current students, Dino was a fixture in my life. We travelled to Hawaii, NYC and to all corners of our state together. Great memories, and each one involves a story with Dino. The lives he has touched would number in the thousands and each will have a story to tell.
He was and always will be a source of inspiration to our coaches, players, students and fans. He was always the most loved member of our team. The opposing fans might boo our team, but to see them interact with Dino was a whole other matter. The most hard hearted would wear the green and gold after a few minutes with Dino. He was “The Man” , “My Man”, “The Major”, “Dean” or “Deaner” and he was greeted with warmth and affection wherever he went. His lasting gift is that he brought out the best in all of us. With Dino at your side, your worst moments became a little easier to handle and your best moments were elevated to new heights. Win or lose, Dino would be at your side, offering encouragement (and sometimes strategy), looking forward to the next practice or game, always happy to wear our colors and represent our school.
God Bless You Dino!

A Bishop Donahue legend passed away yesterday.

He did not make any buckets, catch any touchdown passes, or throw out anyone at the plate. He was not on the honor roll, in the school musical, and he did not speak at graduation. But, for nearly forty years, Tommy “Dino” Smith was supporting each and every student that ever passed through the halls of Bishop Donahue High School. Dino truly loved our school and our students, athletes, faculty, and staff loved him in return.

Many of us probably felt that we were taking care of Dino by making sure that he was included in all of our events. He always had a seat on our bus, was recognized at all of our sports banquets, (he has earned way more varsity letters than anyone in Donahue history) and yes, we did look out for him. But, truth be told, Dino was taking care of us and looking out for us all along. Sure, he had water bottles ready for the players and picked up their equipment and loose basketballs, but Dino taught us a few things about honesty, unconditional love, selfless giving, and school pride. We can all learn from these qualities that Dino has demonstrated over the years.

Dino was one of those chosen few people who could make you feel better about yourself and make you smile every time that you would talk to him. He was always there for us with an innocent and optimistic attitude that everything will be OK. The world needs more people like Dino Smith. Apparently, heaven does as well.

Whether we were playing basketball in the Charleston Civic Center, in our home gym in McMechen, or anywhere in between, Dino was always there. Before every game, after the starting lineups were announced, and the team gathered in a circle near half court, Dino would be following two steps behind. As he approached the team, he would always raise his right hand and point that crooked index finger of his towards the sky indicating that “We’re number one!”

No, Dino, “YOU are number one” …..Rest in peace, my friend

2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll (2012-13)

(Over 4.0) (4.0 to 3.7) (3.69 to 3.0)
Rebecca Beiter
Elizabeth Potts
Megan Rush
Katie Scott
Alexa Tweedlie
Jared Ehni
Rebekah Trader
Matthew Vucelik
Coleton Berletch
Sommer South
Ali Bauer
Morgan Carroll
Loran Clayton
Andrea Guzek
Marissa Harris
Jayda Varner
Dylan Boston
Miranda Heitz
Renae Kudla
Katelyn Cook
Tess Fallova
Steven Gretchen
Ekaterina Polinski
Cheyanne Reinbeau
Adriana Theiss
Shelby Davis
Kaitlyn Harris
Abbey Mele
Will Robinson
Samantha Zimla
Giovani Aquilino
Samantha Bauerle
Danica Breiding
Ashley Durdines
Nick Fallova
Selena Ghaphery
Logan Herrick
Jennifer Hull
Joseph Myers
Philip Smith
Avi Wu
Austin Yannerella
Elaysia Hill
Bryce Jones
Hunter Kaschke
Lane LeMasters
Gabe Mickey
Eric Myers
David Polinski
Carly Polis
Tyler Rush
Kelsey Schau
Chris Vani
Haley Zahnow
Kacie Jo Brown
Bo Campbell
Jarrett Coffield
Jillian Edge
Kenadee Kleeh
Taylor Koontz
Hanna Little
Jocelyn Little
Josh Miller
Brett Moore
Kacie Rhome
Alex Riedel
Macenzie Coffield
David Coleman
Dylan Druschel
Zach McCoy
Adrienne Rulong
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