iPad Program

After starting the revolutionary 1 to 1 iPad program for freshmen and sophomores in 2012-13, the program was extended to all students in 2013-14 and is now in its 5th year.  

Principal Tom Wise noted that the benefit of moving from traditional textbooks to a digital environment has paid dividends. “High school students use technologies in their daily lives, but most schools only allow its use for a small fraction of a school day. The students at Bishop Donahue now have access to an innovative educational aide and access to digital information and communication in all classes. Colleges and universities across the country are using tablets; our goal is to prepare our students for their move to post-secondary education.”

The educational apps used in the classroom have replaced traditional textbooks. They also serve as multi-class notebooks, file organizers, scientific and graphing calculators, simulators, digital video creators, text annotators, highlighters, and much more. 

“The positives of the program exceeded our expectations” Wise said, “the use of the iPad has provided unlimited opportunities for our students.” 

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