How to Donate

Ways to Support Bishop Donahue High School

  • Create a Scholarship as a memorial
  • Make a donation in memory of a loved one
  • Unrestricted and Restricted gifts
  • Remember B.D.H.S. in your Will
  • Planned Giving Options
  • Link to West Virginia Catholic Foundation

Please contact the Advancement Office at 304-233-3850 about any of these giving options.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Since 2011-12, Bishop Donahue has doubled the amount of Scholarship funds awarded to our families.  Most of our scholarships are established in memory of a deceased loved one.  You not only create a lasting memorial to honor your loved ones, you also assist a student(s) who truly desires a Catholic education.  The minimum annual scholarship is $500 and the award can be  started at anytime.  *Scholarship criteria is set based on the needs and desires of the Donor. The award can be based on which parish the student attends, the elementary school they attended, grades, etc.

CASH GIFTS: Your unrestricted contribution allows Bishop Donahue High School to place funds where the need is greatest. Cash gifts can be given immediately or pledged over a period of time. This is not only the most common type of gift, but also the most simple, straightforward way to support Bishop Donahue.

MEMORIAL GIFTS: It is becoming popular for friends, alumni, and family members to remember a loved one through a memorial gift to Bishop Donahue High School. Many family members and relatives ask that memorial contributions be made to our school in memory of thier deceased loved ones.

SECURITIES: You can receive a significant tax advantage by transferring stocks, bonds and other securities to Bishop Donahue. As the Donor giving a gift of stock, you avoid paying capital gain taxes on securities held for more than one year. Gifts of closely-held stocks also benefit the school while increasing your spendable income.

WILLS AND BEQUESTS: After providing for loved ones, please remember Bishop Donahue High School in your will. Not only will you, as the Donor, benefit from tax savings, but you will also be helping to educate future students. A bequest can be for a certain dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or a percentage of the residual of your estate (the amount that remains after your specific bequests to your loved ones are paid).

MATCHING GIFTS: Many employers will match, double and sometimes triple their employees contributions to charitable organizations. Please check with your company to see if they participate in a matching gift program.

LIFE INSURANCE: By making Bishop Donahue High School the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you can create your own planned giving program. This type of gift offers a simple way to support the school, particularly if you find that you no longer need your policy for its original purpose, such as education of your children, payment of a mortgage, in the event of early death or financial protection for your family.

REAL ESTATE: Virtually and property — a home, farm, office building or land — can become a gift to the school. When you contribute long-term appreciated securities or real estate, you can deduct the full fair amrket value of the property, effectively giving away the capital gain.

LIFE INCOME GIFTS: Gifts such as Charitiable Remainder Trusts (you assign the principal to the school yet you you or a beneficiary receive income from the investment for a fixed number of years) and Gift Annuities can provide a life-time income to the Donor and a contribution to Bishop Donahue High School. In addition, you can receive current tax deductions as well as avoid paying capital gain taxes.

GIFT IN KIND (INCLUDING GOODS AND SERVICES): Gifts such as donations of used cars, professional services, and other equipment are important ways to contribute to Bishop Donahue High School. As the Donor, you can receive tax benefits for the market value of your donations and provide needed items and services to ais Bishop Donahue High School students.

RETIREMENT (ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS): Because taxes are deferred in many pension and retirement plans, the tazes are often paid upon the death of the covered retiree. This results in an unusually high tax for your heirs. To avoid such high taxes, you may want to consider naming your spouse as the primary beneficiary of your plan, wiht the school as the final contingent beneficiary.

 ANNUAL FUNDRAISING EVENTS: A great way to support Bishop Donahue High School each year is to participate in the following annual events:

  • Annual Appeal
  • WE BELIEVE campaign
  • Walk-A-Thon
  • Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner
  • Reverse Raffle

 S.A.B.S ~ SPONSOR A BISHOP STUDENT: Student Scholarship Giving Program : This program was started to assist families who would not be able to meet the rising cost of tuition. Without this assistance, many deserving young men and women would not be able to receive the Catholic high school education provided by Bishop Donahue.