Faculty & Staff List

Renweb Faculty

Nancy Angalich: Finance Office nangalich@bishopdonahue.org
Katrina DeSantis: English 9, English 10, Communications, Yearbook  kdesantis@bishopdonahue.org
Gary Gil: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Business Math, Wellness and Fitness, Physical Education ggil@bishopdonahue.org
Donnie Gillis: 20th/21st Century History, Civics & Government, Health dgillis@bishopdonahue.org
Amy Granato: Religion 9, 10, College Counselor agranato@bishopdonahue.org
Zach Harvey: Multimedia, Broadcasting, Digital Video, Business & Technology, Programming and Logic zharvey@bishopdonahue.org
Eric Heitzman: English 12, English 11, ACT English Prep, 21st Century Novels eheitzman@bishopdonahue.org
Brian Hughes: Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, College Calculus bhughes@bishopdonahue.org
Donna Krupica: Development/Advancement Director dkrupica@bishopdonahue.org
Jarett Kuhns: Physical Science, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology jkuhns@bishopdonahue.org
Sara Marin: Chemistry and Physics smarin@bishopdonahue.org
Loretta Metz: Religion 11, Religion 12, Counselor lmetz@bishopdonahue.org
Don Murray: World to 1900 History, US-1900 History, Athletic Director  dmurray@bishopdonahue.org
Mary Beth Ray: Spanish I and II, Culinary Arts, Art I, II and III
Jodi Reager: Secretary jreager@bishopdonahue.org
Mary Kay Wensyel: Education Specialist mkwensyel@bishopdonahue.org
Tom Wise: Principal, Psychology I twise76@bishopdonahue.org