On Retreat With the NET Team

img_2374November 4th and 5th, 2016 was quality time for our students as they spent those days with the National Evangelization Team known as NET.  NET Team #2 spent time with our school over those two days.   All four classes were blessed with the theme of  RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The days were filled with personal witness to God’s love, Jesus as Friend and Savior, and the courage needed to stand for what we believe in our world today. The young people of NET shared their stories with words, skits, and music. The most moving part of the day was the prayer ministry where each of our students was prayed for by their team leader in solemn silence one on one. Thank you to the wonderful young men and women who travel across the country to minister to teens. We are blessed to be able to share in this experience. 

Much gratitude is in order to have made these days possible for the BDHS family.  First of all, Wheeling Jesuit University for allowing us to use the Chapel of Mary and Joseph on their beautiful campus as the retreat site and for sharing noon mass with us.  Thanks to Marshall County Schools for providing transportation to and from WJU.  Thanks to the Football Moms, Mr. Murray, and the BD Athletic Boosters for sharing pre-game meal on Thursday with the NET team and hosting them to the Friday night football game.

Big thanks go to the host families who opened their homes and hearts to the young people of  NET.  Blessings to the Kuhns family, the Snyder/Beveridge family, and the DiLoretta/Zacherl family.  Without all of you, NET would not be possible!!!  Bishop Donahue families ROCK! 


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