Nominations For Bishop Donahue Athletic HALL Of FAME Accepted Until August 1.

Athletic Hall of Fame FinalThe Bishop Donahue High School Athletic Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the Hall’s Class of 2017.  The Hall of Fame was created to recognize and honor players, coaches, teams, and supporters who made exemplary contributions to Bishop Donahue High School’s athletic programs. 

Nominations will be accepted from July 1 to August 1.  The nomination of individuals and teams is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  Nominations will only be considered in the year they are submitted.  If the nominee is not selected, they must be nominated again in the following years to be placed on the ballot. 

Information requested for all nominees include name of nominee, year of graduation (if applicable), and name of person nominating.  Comments and supporting evidence are strongly encouraged and should be submitted as part of the nomination.  Nominations will be accepted via U.S. mail, email, the B.D. Facebook page or other electronic media (there is no official nomination form, see contact information below).

B.D. graduates become eligible twenty (20) years after their graduation. Teams are eligible twenty (20) years after the year for which they are being honored.  There is no minimum wait time for coaches and supporters to become eligible for nomination.

A maximum of five (5) individuals may be inducted annually .  Of the five selected, only one (1) may be a supporter.  Additionally, one (1) team may be honored each year. 

The Hall of Fame selection meeting will be held annually in August.  Members of the Bishop Donahue Athletic Board will serve as the voting/selection committee. 

The newly elected members of the Hall of Fame will be announced publicly each year at the Homecoming Football Game.

The Induction ceremony will take place in January or February yearly during a B.D.H.S. boys basketball game. A reception will be held following the game for our inductees,  their families, and other guests.

Past inductees include: Rick Blake, Dave Cisar, Jim Welsh, John Flading, Kelly Swierkos, Tom Tribett, Br. Dan O’Riordan, George Bilich, Dave Kady, Tom Giovengo, and Herman Conti.

For more details regarding the Athletic Hall of Fame please visit the Bishop Donahue High School website.

Mail nominations to:   Bishop Donahue High School

                                    325 Logan Street        

                                    McMechen, WV 26040

 Email nominations to: or

 Facebook nominations:


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