Students Witness Mock Drunk Driving Crash and Helicopter Life Flight

DSCN1790As part of our Prom  preparations, Bishop Donahue has been very busy spreading awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

On Wednesday,  April 27, Jody Miller (Ohio County MADD) and Christy Conley (CORE – Center for Organ Recovery and Donation) came to speak to the students about the dangers of underage drinking, drinking & driving, distracted driving, as well as registering to be an organ donor.  Jody Miller lost her daughter Heather in a drunk driving crash in 2008 and she shared her real life story.  Heather was also an organ donor who saved multiple lives with the gift of organ donation, so Ms. Conley spoke to that aspect of Heather’s story as well. 

The BDHS Jr.-Sr. Prom is slated for Saturday, May 7 at Stratford Springs in Wheeling.  The efforts to raise awareness of and commitment to safe, responsible decisions when celebrating this rite of passage for all of the students attending Prom this year are in full swing.  First of all, every student attending this year’s prom is required to sign a PROM PROMISE Contract promising to not participate in destructive behaviors like drinking or taking drugs before, during, or after Prom.  Also, the Junior class parents have planned an “After-Prom Party” with a Luau Theme. 

On May 4 the students and faculty had the opportunity to learn about and experience what happens at the scene of a crash first hand.  A MOCK CRASH  demonstration was conducted largely through the efforts of Sheila Davis RN, BSN and her husband John, who are the parents of BD senior Shelby.  Mrs. Davis is a nurse for the Air-Evac Lifeteam.  She enlisted the assistance of local police, fire, sheriff, and rescue personnel. 

The presentation began in the Fr. Raymond Jablinske Gymnasium at the school with a skit that portrayed BD students at an “After-Prom” party that included drinking and some kids deciding to drive while under the influence.  The story concluded at the Icehouse Field in McMechen where the MOCK CRASH demonstration was staged.  The life-like reenactment graphically showed the results of a drunk driving accident.  The Air-Evac helicopter arrived to life flight one of the few survivors. 

Also as part of the presentation, senior Andrew Rush dressed as the ‘Grim Reaper’ and throughout the day picked out a representative number of students from classes as drunk driving fatalities to show how real the statistics are.  Also, teachers shared alarming statistics and facts about the dangers of drinking and driving and distracted driving, and the recitation of the poem Death of an Innocent, recited by junior Mady Keller about a girl who did not drink at a party, but was killed in a crash by someone who did.

We extend our thanks to the many individuals and agencies that made this a life altering experience for our students. 

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