BDHS Culinary Arts Goes International !

imagejpeg DSCN1693

BD Culinary Arts students received some international cooking lessons courtesy of Said Leghild, Professor of Communications at WVNNCC and Fr. Bekeh Utietiang, pastor of SS James and John parishes. 

Said, who comes from Morocco, shared his passion for cooking by creating authentic Moroccan dishes such as chicken with apricots and prunes, steamed couscous and roasted pepper salad.

Fr. Bekeh, who comes from Obudu, Nigeria, shared information on the health benefits of following a vegan diet and prepared a wonderful and spicy dish of curried tofu, peppers, and onions cooked in coconut oil.

The students enjoyed these multicultural cooking experiences and hopefully, both Said and Fr. Bekeh will return next year to our BD kitchen!

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