The Power of Prayer and Abby McGowan

IMG_1138On Tuesday, April 28, the Bishop Donahue family was blessed with a visit from 2 year old Abby McGowan, her mom and sister (Melissa and Theresa ‘Rees’), and Grandma Kim (Kreitzer). Abby was born with Pfieffer’s Syndrome (a craniofacial syndrome) and she has successfully undergone many surgeries and procedures so far in her young life.

The BD family has supported Abby and her family throughout by storming heaven with prayers. She wanted to meet all those who prayed so hard for her and get a picture with them. Abby LOVES looking at pictures! She even told a Knock-Knock joke (her favorite) to the entire student body. Please join our students as we continue to pray for the McGowan family and for continued good health and progress.

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