2014-15 Scholarship Winners Announced

scholarshipsBishop Donahue High School has awarded $55,300.00 in scholarships for the 2014-2015 school year.  Principal Tom Wise announced the scholarship recipients to the student body on September 19, 2014.

The scholarship program is open to all Bishop Donahue students who complete the application. Students wishing to apply for 2015-16 scholarships can complete an application at the conclusion of this school year.  Sixteen privately funded scholarships were awarded this year, and the school continues to search for alumni and friends who wish to create and present new scholarships. The monetary awards not only help defray the cost of tuition, but motivate and encourage students.  The 2014-15 scholarship recipients are:

 Courtney & Danielle Block Memorial Scholarship: Ekaterina Polinski, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Andrew Rush, Sommer South, Jennifer Little, Trent Snyder, Jacob Varner, and Madison Wiedebusch.

 Father Raymond Jablinske Memorial Scholarship:  Adriana Theiss, Coleton Berletch, Samantha Zimla, Shae Reinbeau, Patrick Malloy, and Nathan Rush.

 3 Angels Tennyball Scholarship:  Chris Albert, Dustin Beazel, Olivia Carte, Robert Chesonis, Elana Polinski, Tyler Swann, and Alyson Young.

 Angel Fund Scholarship: David Coleman, Kyle Swann, Chris Barry, Zoey Gast, Koltin Kleeh, Luke LeMasters, Elizabeth Smith, John Stocklask, Chris Albert, David Beabout, Jamie Emery, and Melissa O’Kelley.

 Scott Melko Memorial Scholarship:  Brett Moore, Abbey Mele, Chris Barry, Josie Bonar, Luke LeMasters, and Taylor Straughn.

 Dave Kady Memorial Scholarship:  Caroline Brannan and Riley DiLoretta.

 Jenny Sparachane Memorial Scholarship:  Shelby Davis and Graydon Hoffer.

 Lawrence and Ann Lander Memorial Scholarship:  Jennifer Richmond and Melissa O’Kelley.

 BDHS Alumni Association Scholarship: Cade Canestraro.

 Sandie Stenger Memorial Scholarship:  Stephen Gretchen, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Matthew Wesolowski, Samantha Zimla, Chris Barry, Madyson Keller, John Stocklask, Chris Albert, Kenzie Bauer, Dustin Beazel, Olivia Carte, Robert Chesonis, Dalton Goddard, Patrick Malloy, Melissa O’Kelley, Elana Polinski, Tyler Swann, Clinton Whitelatch, Madison Wiedebusch, and Alyson Young.

 Class of 1959 Scholarship: Jewel Purpura.

 Poe Family Scholarship: Kacie Jo Brown, Jarrett Coffield, Kenadee Kleeh, Brett Moore, Cheyanne Reinbeau, Samantha Stewart, Adrian Whorton, Shelby Davis, Kaitlyn Harris, Matthew Wesolowski, Tessa Bauer, Jacob Beyser, Zoey Gast, Junior Holmes, Madyson Keller, Trey Miller, Harrison Nick, Trent Snyder, John Stocklask, Megan Stout, Chris Albert, Kenzie Bauer, David Beabout, Dustin Beazel, Caroline Brannan, Cade Canestraro, Riley DiLoretta, Alyssa Ehni, Jamie Emery, Dalton Goddard, Ulayna Hartley, Graydon Hoffer, Cody Kimmel, Melanie Kwiatkoski, Sarah Riedel, Isabel Reilly, Nathan Rush, Blaise Stewart, Danielle Stout, Jacob Varner, Kylee Weekly, and Clinton Whitelatch.

 Schmitt Family Scholarship: Shelby Davis, Jacob Beyser, Cassidy Campbell, John Stocklask, Alyssa Ehni, Ulayna Hartley, Cody Kimmel, and Melanie Kwiatkoski

 Chuck Morningstar Memorial Scholarship:  Kenzie Bauer and Kylee Weekly.

 Tommy “Dino” Memorial Scholarship:  Josh Miller, Cory Dobrzynski, Kyle Swann, and Clinton Whitelatch.

 Tom and Louise Wise Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Riedel and Isabel Reilly.

 Those interested in supporting the Scholarship Program at Bishop Donahue Memorial High School, please call Donna Krupica in the Advancement Office at 304-233-3850.

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