BDHS 2012-13 Knights of Columbus Students of the Month

The Student of the Month program is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Each month, two students are recognized for their outstanding academic performance, attitude, character, and service to the school or community.

 Students of the Month Sept 2012  Students of the Month October
 September 2012: Morgan Carroll & Coleton Berletch  October 2012: Jared Ehni and Alexa Tweedlie
 Student of the Month November  Student of the Month Dec.
 November 2012: Megan Rush & Steven Gretchen  December 2012: Samantha Zimla and Rebecca Beiter
 Students of the Month January  Students of the Month Feb.
 January 2013: Matt Vucelik and Doug Williams  February 2013: Rebekah Trader and Liz Potts
 Students of the Month March (1)  Students of the Month April
 March 2013: Hunter Kaschke and Miranda Heitz April 2013: Marley Keller and Josh Miller
May 2013: Cheyanne Reinbeau and Chris Vani
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